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Here are answers to some questions that may pop up when using this integration:

  • Does the Coachello App for Teams require tenant-wide admin consent? Nope.

  • Does the Coachello App for Teams require any tenant-wide configuration changes? Nope.

  • What are the actual permissions needed by Coachello on Teams? Coachello doesn’t require any permissions directly to use Teams. Users will need to be invited in as members first before they can access a Coachello in a tab on a Team. Coachello can be limited to certain users through app permission policies.For more information, see our section on permissions and scope.

  • Does the Coachello app impact the Teams tenant? An admin would need to enable the application from the Microsoft App Store and possibly add it to any app permission policies that may exist in the organization.

  • Is there any way to limit the access of the application to a specific population? Yes. App permission policies can be set up in Microsoft Teams to limit the Coachello app from being installed by certain users.

  • Who needs to have the app installed to invite participants to respond to a 360 Feedback request in Coachello? The person providing the 360 Speed must have the app installed. Once a request is shared in Teams, other participants can view and join the Coachello to collaborate without needing to install the app.

  • Does the installation of the app require Global admin consent? The Teams admin may need to consent on behalf of the organization if they are using Azure Active Directory. See the section above about AAD.

  • Is the aggregated anonymized data visible from MS Teams? No, this is only visible through the admin's dashboard.

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