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How the Teams App works
How the Teams App works
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The Coachello App for Teams seamlessly integrates personal support throughout Microsoft Teams, unleashing individual and team performance, engagement, and alignment where you’re already working. Leverage all of Coachello’s capabilities and inside of Teams to empower your most important assets: your people. Add Coachello directly into the MS Teams environment of your people. This article walks you through the setup required in Coachello and in Microsoft Teams.

How the Coachello App for Teams works

The Coachello App allows your employees to:

  • Have a space for personal development within MS Teams where they can go for a personal development assessment, receive a 360 speed feedback from their colleagues, chat with an external coach and see coaches that are available to help them with their challenges and book one-on-one coaching sessions with them.

  • Stay informed through the Coachello bot and receive notifications for upcoming sessions and 360 Speed feedback requests.

  • Pin a Coachello extension during a live video coaching session in Teams to share information on the session, notes taking, leave feedback to increase efficiency.

  • Use the app to access their notes and coaching reports as you would in the web app, right within Teams.

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